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Know your marketplace inside and out

Make smarter, faster strategic decisions using the most powerful intelligence tool available.

Everything you need to see in one place

Build and share customized dashboard views to see what’s most important to you, populated with the most up-to-date data and information. Subscribe to and monitor companies at the click of a button, seeing what matters most on one page. Take it a step further and toggle between your competitor overviews in one click.

Build and share dynamic analytics with the most up-to-date data available

View, edit, create and share dynamic analysis all in one portal. Use the Knowledge360® chart builder to determine and create the best visualization for your data and information, adjusting the chart type in one click. Spend less time creating the visualizations and more time conducting analysis on customers and competitors in this interactive module.

Craft and disseminate advanced presentation-ready reporting

Use the built-in advanced report and newsletter builder to automate and simplify more of the formatting, production, and distribution process that goes into sharing CI, getting key insights to your team more efficiently and effectively. Use one of the pre-defined templates or create your own to streamline your report-building process.

Knowledge at your fingertips for a fraction of the cost

Knowledge360® pulls data and information from the top information suppliers and aggregators straight into your portal, granting you instant access to data you want and need in one location. Knowledge360® eliminates the need to subscribe to multiple data suppliers and pay for entire universes of data. Our model allows you to subscribe by-the-company, on-demand so you’re only purchasing the data and information you need.

Get the whole picture in a turnkey solution

Manage existing knowledge and augment it with external data and information to discover patterns across the entire CI space, enabling you to see the whole picture in one place. Take advantage of the Knowledge360® advanced search feature, which engages a semantic search function using our own proprietary algorithms to identify and search against metadata on both internal and external data and information. The advanced features also enable you to perform advanced Boolean searches as well as drill down on trends through layers of filters pre-loaded into the system, further expediting your information sorting and refinement process.

Identify key trends in your industry faster

Monitor diversified sources of information and identify trends specific to your industry. Developed in collaboration with industry leaders and Knowledge360® users, these modules further enhance the time and cost savings of this platform.

Life Sciences
Now available in beta, this module targets three key focus areas for industry monitoring: clinical trials, patents, and FDA data.

Focus on what really matters

45% more analysis for less than half the cost of traditional CI models.

Historically, Competitive Intelligence practitioners spent so much time collecting and sorting information that analysis and strategic planning were neglected. Knowledge360® flips this model, streamlining information collection and data refinement so that you’re able to focus on what really matters – the analysis.

Knowledge360® automates routine tasks–such as information collection and organization–allowing users to spend as much as 45% more time on analysis.



Based on purchase of Knowledge360® Professional Edition and average CI spend according to SCIP Market Research and Competitive Intelligence Priorities Study, 2013.


SCIP Certification

Knowledge360® has earned the coveted “SCIP Certified” endorsement from Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP), a global community of over 3,000 business experts across industry, academia, and government who come together to build and share strategic intelligence, research decision-support tools, processes and analytics capabilities. Knowledge360® is the only software solution on the market to earn this recognition.

For details about this certification and to learn more about SCIP member discounts for Knowledge360®, visit www.SCIP.org/page/Knowledge360.


Knowledge360® integrates real-time news aggregation, premium financial data, and your competitors’ job postings with field intelligence collected by your staff and your own internal data and analysis. All of this content is housed in one of the most secure cloud environments available, and automatically indexed and analyzed using cutting edge semantic technology.

With the most intuitive user experience on the market, Knowledge360® allows intelligence professionals to monitor competitor and market movements with unparalleled ease. Users can run advanced, persistent semantic searches across any segment of their data to identify new trends and create customizable, shareable alerts to ensure they stay aware of the latest developments. All of these features are housed within an industry-leading widget framework that allows each user to completely customize the tool to fit their specific preferences and business practices.


Solve the Data Problem

You have to buy expensive data – often from multiple vendors – and you have to buy their whole dataset even though you only need a fraction of their data to track your competitors. Between your competitors’ financials, supply chains, and distribution networks, you’ve subscribed to more data sources than you can handle. After all that, you still need a news service to make sure you stay abreast of all of your competitors’ latest developments.

With Knowledge360®, we’ve solved these core Competitive Intelligence problems by harnessing the best-in-breed data sources, and allowing users to subscribe to only the pieces and parts of each dataset most relevant to them. Knowledge360® comes pre-populated with timely and accurate data and real-time news feeds already integrated.

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Solve the Services Problem

Most Competitive Intelligence tool providers only offer a software solution, leaving you to fend for yourself when your CI team needs specialized consulting support or detailed primary research and analysis.

Cipher is a full-service CI and strategy consultancy offering a wide range of services from industry-specific research and analysis, to market entry strategy. In addition to discounts on our consulting services, Knowledge360® users benefit from the direct delivery of our research results through the Knowledge360® platform.

Cipher starts with CI

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